Polar Express FAQS

How can I reserve TIckets?

Once tickets have been released, passengers may book their reservations on line at this website. Additionally, reservations agents can be reached by calling our office: 845-332-4854.

All times are Eastern Standard Time.

Where is the Westbrook Station located?

Westbrook Lane Station
149 Aaron Court
Kingston, NY 12401


What is THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride?

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride is a re-creation of the classic children’s story on board a real train. Passengers are served hot chocolate and cookies by dancing chefs, enjoy a reading of the book by Chris Van Allsburg, and receive the first gift of Christmas (a silver sleigh bell) after Santa boards the train to greet families at the North Pole. Attendants lead passengers in caroling and fun holiday activities on the return trip to the Westbrook Station in Kingston.

How long is the experience? When should we arrive?

The entire experience in Kingston and on the train is roughly an hour and a half in length. It is requested that guests arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to their departure time. This allows time to park and check in at the Westbrook Station. Boarding will begin approximately 20 minutes prior to listed departure times. The train ride itself is just over an hour in length.

Is seating assigned?

Yes. In order to offer the best experience for all guests, seating is assigned on board THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride this season. You will select your own seats during the online checkout process as you would on an airline. Please review seating charts carefully.

What's the difference between off-peak and peak pricing?

Peak pricing delineates our trains which are in high demand and at full price.

Off-peak tickets are for trains with lower demand which we're happy to provide at a discount.

How soon should I book tickets?

It is recommended that reservations are made as soon as your group knows which date and time you would like to attend. Tickets have sold out quickly for this event in past years.

Is it cheaper to book online compared to calling a booking representative?
Yes. Booking online will save you $1.00 per ticket compared to booking over the phone with a representative.
How do I book group tickets?

Our ticketing system is currently implementing a discount for group purchases to be automatically applied with online checkout. Meanwhile, please contact the ticket office at no additional charge.

Is the event wheelchair accessible?

The Westbrook Station and the train are wheelchair accessible, however wheelchair seating is limited. It is also important to note that there are no wheelchair accessible restrooms located on the train. Designated parking spaces for those with disabilities are located directly adjacent to the station. Please notify parking attendants if a member of your party has mobility issues and requires a reserved space. If a member of your party requires wheelchair access, please select the appropriate wheelchair/companion seats during online checkout or contact a reservations representative at 845-332-4854 to make reservations.

How do I book tickets for someone with a disability?

To ensure your experience is exceptional, please call our reservations representative at 845-332-4854 to make reservations so CMRR ensures your needs are met; do not book online. When necessary, we will ensure you're provided seating in our special Hudson car featuring staff trained to ensure comfort and enjoyment for all, while accommodating passengers with autism, hearing impairments and other unique needs.

Note: The additional $1.00 per ticket fee that is customarily charged for booking over the phone with a ticketing agent is waived when booking for individuals with disabilities as their needs can't be met with the online booking features at the present time.

Where can I find food allergy information?

When booking your tickets, please inform a reservations representative if anyone in your party has a food allergy or special dietary needs. Please also inform your car’s onboard staff members as you board the train. Cookies and hot chocolate are served on the train. The cookies do not contain nuts, but may come from a facility that processes nuts. The hot chocolate contains dairy. Anyone with a food allergy or special dietary needs is welcome to bring an alternate treat or drink item on board.

Where do we park?

Designated parking spaces for those with disabilities or mobility issues are located directly adjacent to the station. Parking is free for all and adjacent the train station in the Kingston Plaza lot.

Are there restrooms on board the train?

A limited number of restrooms are available on board the train. Please alert a staff member if a member of your party needs to use the restroom, as they may need to be escorted to another car to access the nearest one. It is important to note that there are no wheelchair accessible restrooms located on the train.

Do infants ride for free?

Children under two may ride for free provided they are not occupying a seat and ride on an adult’s lap. A free infant ticket must be selected at checkout and the name of the child must be provided on the reservation. This is to ensure every passenger can be accounted for in case of emergency.

What should my family wear?

Families are encouraged to wear warm pajamas just like passengers from THE POLAR EXPRESS™ book and film. Passengers may spend time on an unheated platform as they board and disembark from the train, so appropriate winter attire is also recommended.

Where does the train go?

To the North Pole and back. Conveniently, a round trip is less than a ten mile journey.

Are tickets refundable?

Like sporting events, concerts, and other live events, tickets for THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride are not refundable.

Can I change my reservation to a different date or time? Can I change names on tickets?

If seats are available on another date/train, our reservations agents will do their best to accommodate your request. However, no guarantees can be made that your reservation can be changed. Name changes on tickets are allowed. Name changes need to be made at least 24 hrs before departure time by speaking with a reservations agent. The reservation holder must make this request and be able to provide their name, email address, and credit card information in order to change names on tickets. A small charge may apply.

Will the event take place if there is snow or other inclement weather?

Yes. Trains will continue to run in snow and other weather conditions. The event may also be cancelled or postponed if the State Highway Patrol closes major roads and freeways due to snow or natural disasters. Full refunds will be offered in this scenario.

No Alcohol Policy

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride is a family-friendly event and no alcohol is sold or allowed on board the train. Intoxicated or chemically impaired passengers or those found in possession of alcohol will be removed from the event without refund.


Once tickets have been released fguests may book their reservations online on this website. Additionally, reservations agents can be reached at our office: 845-332-4854

CMRR Refund and Cancellation Policies

ALL SALES ARE FINAL and NO REFUNDS will be granted. In most cases, a replacement ticket for another ride will be issued dependent on the reason for the request. All events are time and date specific, all sales will be final, and no refunds will be granted.

DISCLAIMER: Schedules are adhered to as closely as possible, however the railroad reserves the right to alter schedules and itinerary, and substitute equipment as conditions demand.